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hi, i'm sheena...

the creator of austrian pink elephant and a berlin based illustrator.

i am half austrian, with a passion for elephants and i have pink hair, hence the name of the site.

i have always loved to draw and received my first commission at the age of fourteen, drawing flashcards to help children learn languages. after years of creating different pieces of art as a hobby, from family recipes to commissioned portraits. i have finally decided to share my creations and passion with the world.


i use a number of techniques for my creations. however, the majority of my prints are now drawn via my ipad pro which has allowed me to develop my style through layering images and adding in handwritten personalised text.   


i hope you enjoy my hand drawn illustrations as much as i enjoy making them. please visit my social media pages or click here to connect with me to work together on a custom design project

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